Please be aware of Scams

There are people out there just wanting your personal info and money.

Sadly they steal from legitimate Maine Coon breeders: Their cattery names, pictures and info from  their websites and their registration info. 

Making the SCAMMER'S Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media formats look legit when they are NOT.  

Below are some things that SCAMMERS have done to my dear friend Mitzi of CONGCOONS.

And I know it has happened to other Maine Coon Cattery's as well.

Thank you Mitzi for sharing this with me,  so people that visit my website can be made aware for their benefit. 

Also beware of people at flea markets, swap meets, parking lots, ect... stating that they are selling Maine Coons. If someone tells you that it is a Maine Coon because of the M pattern on it's  forehead please inform them that is not what that means. 

The M pattern on a cat's forehead is just that a pattern such as on a tabby pattern cat. This happened to one of my pet owners prior to getting one of our Maine Coon kittens. She told me she fell for the M on the forehead lie and ended up with a sick brown tabby domesticated kitten per her Vet.  And sad to say the kitten did not live long either.        


Bigfoot European Maine Coons is a SCAM

Bigfoot European Maine Coons - Nigerian is also a SCAM


This just happened with in the month or so. 

Please read the email message below from a very nice 

couple just looking for a Maine Coon kitten.  I'm not 

putting their names on here due to they have

been through enough. With their permission I am just

putting contents of their email to me.

Hi Teresa. I apologize. My email and bank account were temporarily suspended to a hacking incident. I did receive your email. Just so you know, we were hacked by the so called breeder that you and Congocoons advise against. Unfortunately we did not see your warnings in time. It was a mess to clean up.

Their name was Giant Coons. They used the same pictures that appeared in Big Cat Cattery ad. When I contacted Google about my email hack, they said that my email was hacked through multiple states and Canada in one day. We shut my email down temporarily. After they got into my email they got my bank info and used that. I then had to shut that down. I never actually gave them my bank account info my husband figured out it was a scam, they got all of that by hacking my email. 

Thank you for getting back to us. And always keep us in mind. It is very difficult to find an honest breeder like you are. 

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